Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wallpaper For Renters

I've had plenty of rental places in my day and it has it's pros and cons. On one hand it keeps you somewhat commitment free. A one year lease can be easier to swallow than a mortgage payment sometimes. On the other hand owning your home gives you the freedom to paint, wallpaper, tile and the sky is the limit. Thanks to new beautiful styles of peel and stick wallpapers you too can make your rental more personal in style. Gone are the days of saying I can't wallpaper my rental. The new wallpaper options go on like a decal and peel off when your lease is up. Go for it and create that damask print or stripe bathroom you have always dreamed of. When you get tired of having striped walls simply peel it away mess and glue free! If you have ever had to remove wallpaper in your life you will know what a treasure this product is. Here are some the Decorator in a Box peel and stick picks. ~xo~ Annie

(wallpapers above from couture deco}

{wallpapers above from tempaper}

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