Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Place Beetlejuice Can Call Home

Here by popular demand is the Halloween post! I had so much fun gathering Gothic and dark items...I didn't know I had it in me. I just thought to myself, if I was designing Beetlejuice's home what would he want? Halloween is not just plastic spiders and skulls anymore. Places like Z Gallerie and Pottery Barn are giving Halloween some style and taste. Swap out your glow in the dark skull with a glittery version. Who needs rubber spiders when you can have chrome silver ones? Why have a regular piano when you can have one that has been burnt and charred? Check out my favorite Halloween decor picks and you may just decide to be Gothic all year round....hahaahaa (evil laugh).

Happy Halloween!
~ Annie

{above photos: charred furniture via}

{above photos:}

{above photos:}

{above photo:}

{above photos:}

What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Mug Season!

I have been grinning from ear to ear ever since the temp dropped. Fall is my favorite season and this got me thinking about mugs. It is time to enjoy warm beverages and soups again from your favorite mug. I rounded up some of my vintage favorites from What is your favorite mug?

Try this Gravenstein Apple Cider recipe from Wholefoods.

Makes 16 (8-ounce) servings
Look to this beloved fall and winter drink to warm you up. Fragrant with allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, you'll want to drink it as soon as the weather turns cool.

1 gallon Gravenstein apple juice
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 cinnamon sticks, more for garnish
1 tablespoon whole cloves
Combine all ingredients and simmer over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove cinnamon sticks. Ladle into mugs and garnish with fresh cinnamon sticks for each serving, if desired.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

My Dream Job for Anthropologie!

I don't know how I missed the show Man Shops Globe! The show is well into the second season and I have a lot of catching up to do. Keith Johnson is the world shopper for Anthropologie stores. Man Shops Globe allows us to be Keith's apprentice from the comfort of our sofa. Keith has my dream job and shops Paris Flea Markets, Sweden for pottery, Italy for charred furniture, Thailand for indigo fabrics and the list goes on and on. I would love to be Keith's side-kick, but I will settle for being a fly on the wall. As if Anthropologie could not be more amazing!

What is your dream job?

Happy Decorating!
~ Annie

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Space Savers

All of us want to make the most of our space. Whether it be transforming your Office into a Guest Room for the weekend or creating more play space in a Child's Bedroom. I stumbled on Resource Furniture a company that creates furniture that transforms to your needs. Say good buy to the old sofa sleeper and wall bed and welcome stylish modular furniture. I am a huge fan!

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Happy Decorating!

~ Annie

Friday, September 24, 2010

Greek Style!

Five years ago at this time I was in Greece. This has me reminiscing about the beautiful views. I wish I was there now looking at the crisp white buildings and blue roof tops of Santorini. This inspired me to give some tips on achieving Greek style at home. The key is to think white with pops of Mediterranean blue accents. This can be accomplished by using all white bedding with blue pillows and throw. Hang flowing white linen sheer curtains on the windows. Mix antiques like the bed below with more modern pieces, such as a modern rug or lamp. This clean crisp yet eclectic style will have you saying Opa!

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{above: walnut carved bed}

{above: frayed edge quilt and shams

(above: modern blue stripe crocheted blanket}

(above: blue greek key pillow}

{above: indo gabbeh rug}

{above: lago lamp}

{above: all from}

Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Annie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Land Carpet

I have always been captivated looking at field patterns on Google Earth or out an airplane window. I just love the colors and patterns you see while up high. Former architect Florian Pucher designed modern carpets inspired by nature and farmed landscape. The carpet styles represent different countries and the farming technique used in that region. You can purchase styles Europe, Africa, Netherlands and USA. All the carpet is made from 100% New Zealand wool. What a great way to bring nature and earth into an apartment, child's bedroom, study or game room. Visit for more details.

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Happy Decorating!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Art for Everyone by 20x200

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people that has an "art collection"? I will be honest most of the art I have in my home are pieces I made myself. The rest of my collection is more repo's than originals. Now I can be a collector thanks to the website 20x200. They sell original artwork starting at $20 and have an overwhelming variety of artists. Jen Bekman opened her Lower East Side gallery in 2003 with a mission to support emerging artists and collectors. She then created the 20x200 website to make art even more available to everyone. Jen's formula is (limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone. It is similar to Decorator in a Box creating online custom interior designs in a financially savvy way (sorry shameless plug). Visit 20x200 and you can be the collector you always dreamed of. In a non stuffy way of course.

~ xo Annie ~

{photo above: 20x200 Gallery}

{photo above: Grass Girl, by Tierney Gearon}

{photo above: Azaruja #1, by Bert Teunissen}

{photo above: Midway, by Mike Sinclair}

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