Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nifty Bike Shelf

I know it is a little early to break out our bikes. Most of us are still buried in snow and in my case covered in ice. Thankfully, I heard next week is going to warm up for most of us. This soon to be warmer temp has got me thinking about bike weather. If you live in an apartment it can be tricky to store your bike. You worry about someone stealing it on the street, so most people prefer to bring it inside with them. It usually ends up being shoved in the corner awkwardly. The craftsmen at Knife and Saw have come up with a sleek and stylish way for you to hang your bike. They have designed a bike shelf that holds your bike and doubles as a stylish shelf. It's made of solid wood and available in finishes walnut($300) or ash ($270). I hope we will all be breaking out the bikes soon. ~xo~ Annie

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