Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vertical Blinds That Don't Suck

The moment I see vertical blinds I want to rip them down immediately and replace with a better option. I think that is because the verticals I am usually seeing are old and have a few slats falling out. The truth is sometimes vertical blinds are the best option for a window, especially a sliding glass door. Thanks to The Shade Store gone are the days of those not so pleasant vertical blinds. They have beautiful options available in many colors and textures. They will even mail you free samples, which I love. They have changed my outlook on vertical blinds completely. not fret if you have a sliding glass door that calls for vertical blinds. Instead just visit The Shade Store and have some fun playing with colors. Enjoy! ~xo~ Annie

Let me know how you feel about vertical blinds and leave a comment.

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  1. I have to agree. These vertical blinds look simply amazing. I especially like the top right blind in the picture you've just shared. Maybe it's because of the room's design itself. I also have to agree, that using vertical blinds is a good idea to keep your privacy.

  2. Yes I also agree that vertical blinds are stylish and amazing. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!!

  3. These are less hideous than many, but I simply cannot find any redeeming thing about them. Perhaps it is because I have lived in apartments where vertical blinds tortured me day in and day out, and were a visual blotch on any decor. Or maybe it is because they are so miserably dysfunctional, slapping together in the slightest breeze, reversing themselves and refusing to turn, etc. To avoid the noise, swinging, and intermittent shade and privacy as they convulsed in the slightest of breezes, I would just open them all the way and clip them back, leaving a bare window. Instant room improvement! Then, a simple rustic rod and long linen curtain would transform a basic sliding door into a presentable frame on the outside world. I find absolutely no need for vertical blinds simply because one has a sliding door. There are too many lovely alternatives, unless you are in a sterile office building. More than once, while fighting these blinds in hand-to-hand combat, I've thought how much their inventor must have despised his fellow man, to punish us with such a graceless, uncooperative device.