Monday, February 21, 2011

Modern Twist Casual Dining

I am a little over due for some new casual dining chairs. I am embarrassed to even describe the current dining chair situation we have. Here and there I have been surfing all my favorite modern online shops. I am in search of the perfect pairing with my farm style dining table. I know I want a modern twist and have always been a sucker for a Wegner Wishbone chair or an Eames Molded Plastic Chair. Maybe I will do a mix of both. Here are the MyDiab picks for casual dining, hopefully we will be dining in a little more style soon. ~xo~ Annie

{from the top left to right tulip chair, wegner wishbone chair, eames molded plastic chair, macau side chair}

{from the top left to right vienna side chair, constance side chair, vapor chair, tolix chair}

{from the top to left tobias chair, modern windsor chair, calais chair, cacho grellow chair}

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