Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Inspiration

I love watching the Oscars every year. I find myself getting board with the award show itself at times, but the dresses oh my the dresses. Oscar night is seeing fashion at it's best and last night was amazing. My absolute favorite of the evening would have to be Hailee Steinfeld's ensemble. Not only is she adorable, but her dress was a perfect age appropriate fit. I loved the length, the color, the hair you name it. This dress took Hailee far away from her look in True Grit. She herself sketched the dress and had Marchesa make it for her. Wouldn't that be fun to be able to send Marchesa sketches of a dress?! That may be almost as incredible as being nominated for an Oscar. Hailee's dress inspired me to round up some playful and blush style items. Enjoy with some champagne! ~xo~ Annie

{from the top left to right butterfly cluster mobile, pink teacups, ballerina cupcake toppers, 50's pink lampshade}

{from the top left to right photo of pink blossoms, pink bike photograph, seqiun pillow, lace pottery}

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  1. She was absolutely beautiful! And, what a treat to collaborate with Marchesa, especially at 14! Marchesa is my daughter's favorite designer. She would die for a chance like that!

  2. I think Marchesa is my favorite as well. I would flip if I ever had a chance to collab!