Friday, February 4, 2011

Get Cozy In Cold

Alright, so we are all sick and tired of the ice, snow and cold. I really shouldn't even complain winter just arrived really this week in Dallas. It showed up just in time for the Super Bowl. I admit I am getting a little stir crazy and need to find ways to cozy up in the cold. I am grabbing a warm blanket, filling my mug with cocoa, burning a fire in the fire place and putting on my wool slippers. After all it's not everyday that life gets to slow down a bit. I am going to try and take full advantage. Then when I can't chill anymore I will probably go clean my closet and organize a drawer or two until the roads are clear. Hope you all are finding ways to stay cozy. Here are a few Decorator in a Box picks to help you warm up. Enjoy! ~xo~ Annie

{from the top left to right; elle decor fire place, hot cocoa on a stick, wool slippers, pendleton blanket}

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