Monday, January 31, 2011

Be Mine!

I know not everyone is a fan of Valentine's Day, but I just love it. I love having a day to show appreciation to those I love... not just your husband or boyfriend. I just smile when I see chocolates and champagne store fronts with pink and red everything. It always takes me back to elementary school when you take such pride in making a beautiful Valentines day box to accept cards from all your admirers. This week is dedicated to all things hearts and such, so turn away if it's too much. Enjoy!

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box
{from the top left to right charles chocolates, confetti dot trouser sock, sweet hear sunglasses, letterpress hearts stationary}

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Viva Italia!

We are wrapping up our Euro style trip in lovely Italy! The past few weeks we have been finding our style in London and France. Now we arrive at my favorite destination Italy! The people are so kind and oh my the food! There are so many ancient ruins and art that you begin to take it for granted. We caught ourselves saying things like, "Oh there's another Michelangelo". When I was in Rome I imagined Audrey in "Roman Holiday" cruising around on her vespa. While driving in Tuscany I felt like we were living in a painting. Here are the Decorator in a Box Italian style picks! Looking back on our journey, what style destination speaks to you most? Is your style more Brit, Francais or Italia? I can't decide I think I will take the best of all three. What can I say I have always been eclectic.

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

{photos from the top left to right roman holiday poster, 1960 vespa, pucci scarf, italian brown croc bab}

{photos from the left to right italian iron bed, fabriano tuscany cards, restoration italian bedding, murano glass chandelier}

{photos from the top left to right, vintage italian cappucino cups, 1890's carrar marble bistro table, gelato, bialetti}

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I would love to read your comments!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have Love Will Travel

Have love will travel (que the Black Keys song)! Maybe the saying should be have travel themed Etsy finds will travel. I always love a touch of travel accessories. I think I could really use this compass ring when I don't know my East from West...which happens too often. Here are some fun Etsy finds to keep you well traveled. Enjoy!

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

{from the top left to right recycled map garland, michela ghio photo, compass ring, linen berlin map pillows}

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Room With A View

I have been thinking about hotel rooms with great views lately. Maybe it's because spring break is around the corner. Maybe it's because it's been a little chilly in Dallas lately. Maybe it's beacause every time I turn on the news it looks like someone is trying to shovel out their car or even their house. Well whatever the reason may be I just enjoy looking at beautifully designed hotel rooms. Especially, room designs that center around a killer view. Here are some lovely rooms to inspire you to get out of the cold and snow this spring break. Save those pennies the next few month and ship yourself to South Beach, Santa Monica, Santorini, Bali or St. Lucia. Otherwise, just enjoy these photos and visit a spa, local hotel, relax by a warm fire or soak in a hot bath. Find some way to getaway.

~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

{photos via elle decor, from the top left to right south beach, santa monica, santorini, st. lucia}

Me enjoying the view in santorini, greece back in 2005...I want to be there!!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Dream Wearstler Office

I love my little studio, but sometimes I dream of something a bit more over the top. I love pink and when I stumbled on designer Kelly Wearstler's office I said to myself "I want one". I mean come on everyone needs a pair of gold hand chairs to sit on right?! Everything about this space speaks to me saying let's get down to business, but not take ourselves too seriously. Have a great week everyone!

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

What is your dream office or studio?

{photo via elle decor}

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Parisian Style

Today we continue our Euro style journey, as I look back on my favorite trip of 2010! A few weeks ago we took a style look at London and today we hop the chunnel to lovely Paris (que Edith Piaf singing le vi en rose). Imagine yourself touring The Louvre to see Mona, leisurely sipping a cappuccino in a cafe, sifting through books at Shakespeare Book Co. and munching on macaroons like Marie Antoinette. Yes, Paris has charm and no shortage of style in everything they do. The Parisian women seem to effortlessly throw their hair in a bun, cinch a scarf around their neck and top things off with ruby red lips. There is much to be admired about their signiture look and way of life. Here is the MyDiab Parisian style round up. Next week we will be in Italy to finish off our trip. Enjoy or should I say profiter!

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

{from the top left to right french brass bed, broncks black bike, laduree macaroons, chanel no. 5}

{from the top left to right french chaise, antique french sconce, pottery exchange knob, hermes grande roue silk scarf}

{from the top left to right cyrstal door knob, chanel red lipstick, stripe quarter sleeve tee, conservatory chair}

{from the top left to right good evening dinner plate, toile wallpaper, oxford pump, cherie dressing table}

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Prefab Dreams

Today I have been dreaming of the prefab home I want someday. I envision it being placed on beautiful land in California, Montana, Colorado, Switzerland or even on the roof of an old building in London. These days it seems like everywhere I turn someone has planted a prefab home in a wonderfully unique location. The architecture of these pads is brilliant and to top it off sustainable. I don't want to be left out of all this prefab fun, so I vow today that I will have a prefab to call my own someday. Until then I will just have to settle for looking at pretty pictures. Have a great weekend everyone!

xo ~ Annie

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MyDiab Portfolio Update

Decorator in a Box has been busy! We have been to San Diego, Newport Beach, Charlotte, Austin, Alberta and Dallas just to name a few. Well alright...I wasn't physically there, but I shipped custom designs for savvy clients to those places. My favorite part about doing online designs is getting to work with all these people in different locations. Each individual has a completely different style then the next. These people truly inspire me and make my job way too much fun. Thank you to all the amazing Decorator in a Box clients! I hope you enjoyed your design as much as I enjoyed creating it. Click the link to see the updated portfolio pics

P.S. Before and After photo section coming soon.

Enjoy! ~ Annie

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Monday, January 3, 2011

London London London!

I have been looking back on my 2010 and what a fun year it was. I think my favorite highlight was the Euro trip I took with my husband over Thanksgiving vacation. It was a whirlwind of a trip and I think we saw everything. If we didn't see everything that's alright, my feet could not have taken one more step. We started in London chunneled to Paris, Easyjeted to Rome and drove around Tuscany in a rental Fiat. Each place we went had it's own unique style and character. This has inspired me to do a series of post's showing how to achieve the desired style of each destination. Do you think your style is more London, Paris, Rome or Florence? Follow me and discover which locations style suits you best. We will begin our journey in London. There is no shortage of charming, funny and polite in London... or is it just the adorable accent. Their style is rock, mod, street meets royal. Here is the Decorator in a Box style round up. Cheerio!

~ Annie

{from the top left to right rain or shine umbrella, h&m trench, boots lipstick, oversized sunglasses}

{from the top left to right vivienne westwood rug, chesterfield sofa, beatles vintage poster, luli watercolor pillow}

{from the top left to right claire coles wallpaper designs, english 6 arm chandi, lisa stickley london china, cloth house london indian print fabrics}

{from the top left to right ernest race heron chair, crosley turntable, stack of british invasion vinyls, vintage fender}

{from the top left to right old lift call, mary poppins tote, brass fire basket , modernist fireplace tools}

{from the top left to right gas lantern, faux fur throw, stack of english books, moorish pierced metal hanging lanterns}

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