Friday, January 28, 2011

Viva Italia!

We are wrapping up our Euro style trip in lovely Italy! The past few weeks we have been finding our style in London and France. Now we arrive at my favorite destination Italy! The people are so kind and oh my the food! There are so many ancient ruins and art that you begin to take it for granted. We caught ourselves saying things like, "Oh there's another Michelangelo". When I was in Rome I imagined Audrey in "Roman Holiday" cruising around on her vespa. While driving in Tuscany I felt like we were living in a painting. Here are the Decorator in a Box Italian style picks! Looking back on our journey, what style destination speaks to you most? Is your style more Brit, Francais or Italia? I can't decide I think I will take the best of all three. What can I say I have always been eclectic.

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

{photos from the top left to right roman holiday poster, 1960 vespa, pucci scarf, italian brown croc bab}

{photos from the left to right italian iron bed, fabriano tuscany cards, restoration italian bedding, murano glass chandelier}

{photos from the top left to right, vintage italian cappucino cups, 1890's carrar marble bistro table, gelato, bialetti}

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