Monday, January 3, 2011

London London London!

I have been looking back on my 2010 and what a fun year it was. I think my favorite highlight was the Euro trip I took with my husband over Thanksgiving vacation. It was a whirlwind of a trip and I think we saw everything. If we didn't see everything that's alright, my feet could not have taken one more step. We started in London chunneled to Paris, Easyjeted to Rome and drove around Tuscany in a rental Fiat. Each place we went had it's own unique style and character. This has inspired me to do a series of post's showing how to achieve the desired style of each destination. Do you think your style is more London, Paris, Rome or Florence? Follow me and discover which locations style suits you best. We will begin our journey in London. There is no shortage of charming, funny and polite in London... or is it just the adorable accent. Their style is rock, mod, street meets royal. Here is the Decorator in a Box style round up. Cheerio!

~ Annie

{from the top left to right rain or shine umbrella, h&m trench, boots lipstick, oversized sunglasses}

{from the top left to right vivienne westwood rug, chesterfield sofa, beatles vintage poster, luli watercolor pillow}

{from the top left to right claire coles wallpaper designs, english 6 arm chandi, lisa stickley london china, cloth house london indian print fabrics}

{from the top left to right ernest race heron chair, crosley turntable, stack of british invasion vinyls, vintage fender}

{from the top left to right old lift call, mary poppins tote, brass fire basket , modernist fireplace tools}

{from the top left to right gas lantern, faux fur throw, stack of english books, moorish pierced metal hanging lanterns}

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  1. I like the way the images have been grouped together as fours, add a rustic type of effect to the images.

    The designs and the actual shots themselves are very arty, the collection itself is quite inspiring.