Thursday, January 20, 2011

Parisian Style

Today we continue our Euro style journey, as I look back on my favorite trip of 2010! A few weeks ago we took a style look at London and today we hop the chunnel to lovely Paris (que Edith Piaf singing le vi en rose). Imagine yourself touring The Louvre to see Mona, leisurely sipping a cappuccino in a cafe, sifting through books at Shakespeare Book Co. and munching on macaroons like Marie Antoinette. Yes, Paris has charm and no shortage of style in everything they do. The Parisian women seem to effortlessly throw their hair in a bun, cinch a scarf around their neck and top things off with ruby red lips. There is much to be admired about their signiture look and way of life. Here is the MyDiab Parisian style round up. Next week we will be in Italy to finish off our trip. Enjoy or should I say profiter!

~xo~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

{from the top left to right french brass bed, broncks black bike, laduree macaroons, chanel no. 5}

{from the top left to right french chaise, antique french sconce, pottery exchange knob, hermes grande roue silk scarf}

{from the top left to right cyrstal door knob, chanel red lipstick, stripe quarter sleeve tee, conservatory chair}

{from the top left to right good evening dinner plate, toile wallpaper, oxford pump, cherie dressing table}

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