Friday, January 14, 2011

Prefab Dreams

Today I have been dreaming of the prefab home I want someday. I envision it being placed on beautiful land in California, Montana, Colorado, Switzerland or even on the roof of an old building in London. These days it seems like everywhere I turn someone has planted a prefab home in a wonderfully unique location. The architecture of these pads is brilliant and to top it off sustainable. I don't want to be left out of all this prefab fun, so I vow today that I will have a prefab to call my own someday. Until then I will just have to settle for looking at pretty pictures. Have a great weekend everyone!

xo ~ Annie

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  1. I love the New Name they have given my 1970 Trailer House.
    We were so ahead of ourselves....
    It cost $6,700...Used (back then)....Ha Ha
    The 60's and 70's just keep coming back.
    It was a 2 bedroom Trailer House.
    It had forest green shag cool!
    Wooden paneled walls.
    The kitchen appliances were Avocado Green with Orange accents....of course :)
    Prefab!....Things have changed a wee bit...giggle...OK alot...:)
    Prefab,I like that....Wish I still had it!
    Hope you get one.....very soon