Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 Ways to Fallorize Decor

I love a cluster of pumpkins and gourds on the front stoop as much as the next person. I think it has become our "go-to" fall decor for interiors. Everyone receives their Fall Pottery Barn catalog and copies page 8 clustering pumpkins and gourds throughout the home. I think there is a different way to decorate for fall or "fallorize" your decor. With these 5 steps you won't need to display a single pumpkin or gourd... except when junior brings home an art project from school (in that case..what a sweet little gourd). Here it is 5 pumpkinless fall decor tips.

Step 1. Fill a tall glass vase with water and  long branches from your tree outside....viola centerpiece. photo via

Step 2. Add cozy texture accents with a wool blanket or sweater pillow. Think fall textures and add a pop of it to your sofa, chair or bed. photo of blanket via & pillow via

Step 3. Mix in vintage or rustic accents to your decor. This can be done with a stack of  vintage suitcases as a hall table or towels rolled up in a distressed bucket in your bathroom. photo via

Step 4. Replace your cracked or chipped staple mug with a "special" mug. One that makes that cup of cocoa taste oh so much better. of course...mugs via

Step 5. Bring in the aroma of fall with a cented candle in a spicey scent and amber color. photo of candle via

Follow these  easy steps and you are on your way to enjoy another lovely season. Happy fallorizing! Xo ~ Annie

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