Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slide Around Your Home

The inner child in me came out when I saw the Houses with Slides article on It takes me back to when I would design spaces in my head as a kid. I use to want the loft that Tom Hanks had in Big. I would dream of having a train to ride around my home like Rick Schroder on the 80's TV show Silver Spoons. Well now I want to add to my fun house list a slide. Why take the stairs when you can get there faster via slide. I have decided someday I will have a dining table that converts into a ping pong table and now a slide to take me from up to down. Your never too old to slide around the house. Check out these great homes designed around slides. ~xo~ Annie

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  1. Oh' that was so cool idea! I am sure my partner gonna love this idea too. Thanks for sharing this post. I've got an idea.