Sunday, June 3, 2012

North Carolina Eclectic

This latest MyDiab design is for a family in North Carolina. They have a common design dilemma of what to do when the fireplace is centered in the room. They did not like the idea of placing the TV above the fireplace and it being the center focus of the space. The solution to this problem was to create two separate seating areas. One area is for watching TV and the second is for entertaining. I picture the husbands watching a hockey game in the TV area, while the wives lounge in the more formal side with a glass of wine and some yummy cheese. They were fortunate enough to have a large room that allowed for this space plan (if you don’t have a large room just contact me for help). The client is eclectic in style (yea!)….cut to me creating the perfect balance of modern and flea market style furnishings/accessories. A very important element to this room was finding rugs to add warmth, color, style, as well as designate the two separate areas. I think this family will enjoy the style and function of this space very much. Happy Decorating! Xo ~ Annie
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