Monday, May 21, 2012

What's a rug to do?

Many of my clients struggle with what kind of a rug they should get. It can be exhausting, because it's usually a case of trial and error. You lug a rug home from the store with sweat dripping down your brow only to find it looks horrible with your curtains and sofa. One of my favorite "go to rugs" is the Flokati. It just seems to work in every room and give it that design mag look. I feel I shouldn't be telling you this trade secret. I hope you will still contact me for your interior design needs. After all you still need furniture and accessories right? Here is some inspiration to achieve your Flokati look. Also, check out the version at Anthropologie for $598. Xo ~ Annie
via Jonathan Adler (he loves a flokati)
(above)via atlanta homes and lifestyles (below)via palmer weiss
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