Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dallas Modern MyDiab Design

Here is the latest Dallas design I completed last week. Like I always say each MyDiab client is different from the next. I have never had two designs that are alike. It is not often that a Dallas client wants to go ultra modern, so I was very happy when I received this design mission. The mission was to create a family room that accommodates entertaining as well as relaxing in front of the TV or reading. The style needed to be European modern in light and soothing fabrics. The unique shape of the space allowed us to create two separate seating areas. One area was for entertaining and sitting near the fireplace. The second was for curling up on the sofa. I gave the client two furniture plan options that allowe them to chooser their favorite. I selected all light upholstery fabrics and added interest with texture. Color was added with spa toned accent pillows and artwork. We created more interest on the firplace by selectng a bamboo mosaic blend tile. Modern spaces can become very cold, but I think with this design we achieved a calming and relaxing space to live in. ~xo~ Annie

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