Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun Food Storage

I am still in full Spring cleaning mode at my house. Every weekend I find a cabinet, closet or drawer to clean out. I get such a thrill from purging of stuff and unloading donations at Salvation Army. Organizing addiction has become a real problem for me I may need intervention. Sometimes I just stand and stare at the closet that is freshly organized until my husband asks me what I'm doing. That is why I flipped when I saw the food storage and kitchen section at seltzerstudios.com. I would love to open my fridge to brightly colored food storage containers. What a way to liven up reheating leftovers. I also love the idea of carrying some wine to a BBQ in a multi dot tote. Amazing how the right container in brightly colored patterns can make a girl so happy. ~xo~ Annie

{all items available at seltzerstudios.com}

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