Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo in Style!

Today is Cinco de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo is an American celebration of the battle of Puebla. It is also a great way to throw a backyard bash with margarita's, chips and salsa. What a great way to break up your work week! Here is how you can throw together a festive celebration.

The three things you should think about are the table setting, ambiance and bright multi colors. Create your table setting by serving with fiesta ware. If you do not own a fiesta ware set (I sure do not) just bring in key pieces like a charger under a white plate, chip and salsa bowl or pitcher. Get a colorful multi stripe runner or napkins to add color. Add fresh or faux flowers as napkin rings. Be sure to have margarita glasses available. Finish the table off with a bright pop of yellow sunflowers.

Set the mood by adding strings of frosted light bulbs to glow and create ambiance. Place candles in mason jars for a charming look. Finish the theme with Mexican multi color banners.

All of these ideas are sure to bring lots of color and fun to your bash. If you do not have a backyard of course this can all be done indoors as well. Finalize the party with a pitcher of margarita's, warm batch of tacos and chips with salsa.



  1. Beautiful! You should be a party planner too!

  2. I love the paper banners, and kind of want one in my home year round!