Thursday, July 19, 2012

Album Inspiration

I am more than ready for things to cool off...heat waves are no fun. Looking at this iconic Dylan album always makes me feel better. It is so sweet how Bob is shrugging his shoulders and letting his lady cling to his arm. There is nothing more romantic then walking the streets in NYC on a cold crisp day. I just love everything this cover is saying and I had to do a board. Enjoy! Xo ~ Annie

1. nyc polaroid via etsy shop swallowlightbulbs 2. the freewheelin bob dylan album 3. green trench via elle photo & black boots via etsy shop planetclairevintage 4. vw van polaroid via etsy shop simplyhue  5. vintage 50 via hypebeast 6. nyc in fall via etsy shop cherielester  7. crosley turntable via google  8. suede jacket via ebay 9. vintage belt via ebay

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  1. And a very Happy Birthday, Miss Annie! You are a most gifted designer whose refreshing insights and creative solutions makes any design project rewarding and FUN. You are truly a joy. Sparkle-Sparkle! Your Fan, Sonny in Studio City

  2. Thanks Sonny! Can't wait to start you Studio City design! Xo ~ Annie