Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nora's Nursery

I have been getting lots of requests to show Nora's Nursery. Well here is the big reveal!

While in the "nesting" stage of my pregnancy I was very inspired. I mean I was "Sleeping with the Enemy" organized in a disturbing way. I had to have every picture hung and onesie washed. I thought once the baby arrived I would not have time to do anything (kind of became true). I wanted to create a space that was whimsical, vintage and modern all at the same time. I considered avoiding pink on the walls, but that just didn't feel right. In the coming weeks I will show you how I created furniture and accessories for the room. I think you will be surprised how you do not need to spend a fortune to create a nursery.

So... here it is Nora's boudoir! I just had to do before and after photos, I am such a sucker for that. Thanks to my talented friend Laura Squire of the after photos look lovely!

Crib Wall Before

Crib Wall After

Dresser Wall Before

Dresser Wall After

Vanity Wall Before

Vanity Wall After

Design Details

Before Baby

After Baby

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  1. Would love to see other people's nursery's please share your ideas with me!

  2. Such a cute space for our little angel. ;o)