Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow Painted Floors!

More and more these days I am seeing designs showing amazing painted floors. I use to think what a nightmare it would be to maintain. Now there are so many durable paints like Benjamin Moore deck paint and more, it has me rethinking my previous judgement on painted floors. There is also a growing trend of the theory if it's chipped or scratched it's OK, because let's face it life itself is chipped and scratched sometimes. People are getting creative by painting fun patterns like stripes or even checks. If you need an inexpensive update to your shabby wood floor don't rule out painting them, especially in older homes with lots of character. Just be fearless when you do it and the end result will be a totally transformed space. Here are a few of my favorite painted floors.

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{ above photo courtesy of babystepcottage}

{above photo courtesy of Coastal Living}

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Happy Decorating!

~ Annie
Decorator in a Box

I love reading your comments! What color or pattern would you paint your floor?


  1. Years ago I came across an old house that had a painted border around the dining room table and the rest of the wood floor a nice shiny coat of varnish. I do think the dining room above would be awesome with a paisley pattern. It'd take forever to paint, but be cool.

  2. Choosing colors for your floor depends on the kind of room and house you have. If you want to paint your floors, just choose paint that can last for a long period of time. You need to consider the quality of the paint before applying it on your lovely floors.

  3. Floors with designs and colors add more beauty to the overall look of a home. Just as what the photos being shown in this post, they give a more personalized feel to the room and this is what most of us want to experience whenever we are at home.