Monday, September 13, 2010

MYO Curtains from Swatches!

Anthropolgie has my creative wheels spinning once again. While clicking through their whimsical wonderland website I stumbled on a pair of genius curtains. They are Swatch Book Curtains and I simply have to have them for my studio window. This got me thinking, maybe I can make these curtains myself. I certainly have several fabric swatches that will just go to waste. I do not know how to sew, but I can work a hot glue gun. Here are the Decorator in a Box steps to making your own Swatch Book Curtains.

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The inspiration!

Find light and neutral curtain panels. I found the panels below at Ikea for 49.99 a pair. Nothing says ready made curtains like a scrunched rod pocket, so add rings or look for a style like the one below for a more custom look. The key is to get a nice pleat and not have that scrunched on the rod effect.

Gather your fabric swatches and cut them to similar size with pinking shears. If you do not have swatches you can always request them from a local fabric store. Most furniture retails will also mail you samples free of charge. Hot glue fabrics evenly on curtains.

Use a black fabric marker to section fabrics off and write whimsical notes like on the Anthro curtains.

Voila! You have adorable and colorful Swatch Book Curtains! I will let you know how mine turn out!

~ xo Annie ~


  1. OMG
    This is adorable.
    I have been thinking of something for my little girls room.
    This is it!
    Thank You

  2. Do you have pics of your curtains? I'd love to see how they turned out!

  3. Hi Kat! Unfortunately the MYO curtains are still a work in progress. I will be sure to post pics when they are done :)