Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Forget the Closet!

Never underestimate the power of well organized shoes and handbags. When Decorator in a Box designs a space I keep the closets in mind. Having a well designed closet frees up space and sometimes eliminates furniture you don't even need. I have done away with entire dressers just by making better use of the closet. My secret weapon is The Container Store. Yes, it is true The Container Store makes me look good by creating great custom closet designs. Here are a few recent www.mydiab.com bedroom designs showing how closets make the most of a small space. Contact Decorator in a Box for not only a space design, but also organized shoe and hang bag bliss.

Master Bedroom Design in Charlotte, NC

Guest Bedroom Design in Dallas, TX

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  1. so cool, annie! :) LOVE IT!!! -melanie