Monday, August 6, 2012

North Carolina Master

My clients have great style and personality! I'm not just saying that it's really true.  My latest North Carolina client continues to be a lot of fun with her eclectic taste. After doing a design for her Living Room  I was so excited when she asked me to design her Master Suite. The focus was eclectic with a global twist. I attempted to get inside the minds of Anthropologie geniuses Sibella Court and Keith Johnson. Unfortunately, we don't get to fly all over the world with Sibella and Keith. This does not mean we can't attempt the look with a few good internet finds. This Master Suite gave me lots of room to work with....yea! I was even able to create a cozy lounge area to soak up the green woodsy views of North Carolina. I think we succeeded in creating a relaxing global retreat for this client. Happy Decorating! Xo ~ Annie

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