Monday, October 3, 2011

Glamorous Laundry Rooms

I have been dreaming of a glamorous Laundry Room. I think it is because my loads of laundry have grown insanely since having a baby. I had no idea a little person could accumulate so much laundry. It is funny that when you become a mom your dream of having a pretty closet shifts to having a pretty place to wash clothes. Of course I wouldn't mind having both. Here is a round up of my favorite glamorous and well organized laundry rooms. After looking at these photos you will find it is very achievable to dress up a laundry room. Here are some ways to make doing the laundry a little more glam. Happy Decorating! xo ~ Annie

photo via husohem pinterest

Consider painting the floors in a checker board pattern if your laundry area is in the basement and has concrete floors.

photo via the decorista

photo via design sponge

Dress things up by putting up wallpaper and hanging a lantern or chandi.

photo via hampton designs

Give a clean, crisp fresh feeling to the space by keeping everything white.

Adding a skirt to a utility sink will bring in a pop of color while hiding clutter.

Give yourself the energy to finish folding by adding lots of color to the space.

Make the most of a small area by purchasing small appliances and creating a multi use space.

What do you want to do to your laundry room?

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