Thursday, September 29, 2011

MYO Hanky Wall Decor

One of my favorite things in my daughters nursery is the "Sweet Dreams" hanky wall decor I made. It was so easy to make and became the focal point of the room. I think this hanky wall decor could also look great in a home spun boutique or women's home office. Here is how to make your own hanky wall decor.

1. Decide what your hankies will say. I chose "Sweet Dreams", because it is hanging over my daughters crib. I think it would be really great in a boutique or home office spelling your business name.

2. Use old handkerchief's you have or purchase some on like I did.

3. Purchase iron or stick on monogram letters from JoAnne's, Michael's or your local craft store. Apply the letters evenly on each hanky.

4. Hang the hankies evenly on string/twine using clothes pins. I found fun polka dot clothes pins at one of my favorite shops Gypsy Wagon. You could paint some yourself if you want to give it that extra detail.

5. Marvel and enjoy your hanky masterpiece.

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